Blue Mistress

About the Captain

Captain John has been on and around the water since he was a child. Fishing the waters of New York, New Jersey, and the Chesapeake Bay area when he was younger, gave him experience with a wide variety of fishing encounters and he picked up many varied techniques. Arriving in the Miami area in the 1960’s, he quickly realized the wonderful resource that surrounded him. Concentrating on the offshore fisheries, he found sailfish, wahoo, dolphin and the mighty swordfish provided an incredible energy surge. Many friends who fished with him caught their first sailfish or cobia with him, and after a while they told him he ought to charter.

In the 1980’s he earned his USCG Captain’s License and started his formal business. Over the years, trolling gave way to live bait fishing. Now you will typically find Capt. John with a livewell full of fresh bait, power drifting in the Blue Mistress II, with baits out covering the entire water column. While flying fishing kites to attract predators to the surface, there will be other baits at various depths as well. On other days you’ll find him reef and wreck fishing or snapper, grouper, amberjack and whatever else shows up! In fact... why not do both on the same day?